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Neon Alternative LED Lighting For Businesses Creates a Colourful Connection

LED Lighting: A Striking First Impression

We live in a truly digital age where businesses have to stay one step ahead of the game to be on top. In retail, brick and mortar stores now compete with the convenience and flashiness of online shopping. Creating a unique shopping or dining experience attracts patrons off the couch and entices them through the doors. It all starts with a striking first impression – getting noticed and piquing interest. Neon-coloured LED lighting for businesses allows a company to stand out from the competition. With customizable settings a unique light shows tells a personalized story and resonates with customers. It entices them to join an experience! Restaurants, bars, shopping centres and hotels all use neon alternative LED lighting for businesses to tell their story.


Colourful Holidays

Restaurants and sports bars are one type of business that would benefit tremendously from using a customizable lighting system. Often people celebrate holidays like Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day or New Year’s Eve by dining in a nice restaurant or having a pint at the local watering hole. Why not shout out these types of celebrations with a light show for your patrons. By creating a fun and exciting ambiance, people will know yours is the spot to be! Bars and lounges also celebrate the ‘big game,’ and in the GTA, there are so many to choose from! In Leafs Nation, the blue and white shines proudly from the rafters. Why not choose a customizable neon-coloured lighting system that shows your support along with the crowd! Summer sports, like baseball, using LED lights make enjoying a Jays game that much more exhilarating. With every home run a flash of the neon LED lights will let everyone know the home team has scored!


Creating a Brand Identity

For other businesses like hotels, retailers or restaurant chains, LED lighting can help create and solidify a recognizable brand. By creating a consistent exterior design, customers will be able to recognize and associate their shopping experience from the light show. Think of companies that have specific colours associated with their brand identity. LED lighting can enhance this colour identification with a specific brand from across the road or even from the highway. Holiday Inn, whose logo is green, can enhance their exterior appearance by using a green light pattern. The colour will attract from afar and customers will anticipate your brand before even seeing the logo on the sign.


Smart Home Accessible

There are many LED systems available on the market to choose from. Ablaze Lighting offers one LED product that has tremendous benefit to any business. The lights are durable and long-lasting – in fact lasting power of more than 55,000 hours! The Canadian climate can be very harsh and often businesses have to replace exterior lights due to wind, snow and freezing rain. The Ablaze system is weather proof and has a IP65 enclosure rating, making it impermeable to dust. Maintenance is a cost consideration for any business when they decide to invest in an exterior lighting installation. Controlling the system is easy – with the use of a smart phone app you can change the light effects and the colours used to tell your businesses own personalized story.


Neon-coloured LED lighting for businesses enhances the way we reach the customer and creates a lasting impression. Contact Ablaze Lighting today to talk to them about stepping up your exterior lighting options.